Popeyes and Jerry Rice

Popeyes makes delicious chicken. It is one of the better options for fast food fried chicken. But we need to discuss their recent campaign featuring Jerry Rice. Popeyes has done a great job over the past few years convincing us that their black auntie spokesperson is really in the kitchen every Sunday making fresh biscuits and special spices for the fried chicken. She has enough of a southern accent where it feels comforting and entertaining but not too much where it seems like she should be in a minstrel show. In case you do not know, a minstrel show is entertainment in which black people are made into stereotyped caricatures. Minstrel shows featured white and black performers in blackface. Actors would literally put black grease paint on their face, bright red paint on their lips while singing, dancing, and speaking in exaggerated plantation dialects for laughs.

Companies have used slapstick subservient black characters to sell products for years.